Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 9 - Communists, Preachers, and Greenies!

Bienvenidos mis Amigos!

So this week didn't consist of too many crazy experiences, but that's alright we had some good stuff happen!

So Tuesday we had Zone Conference! Basically all the zones in the Las Vegas Valley gathered at a Stake Center and we had trainings and pictures and more trainings and most importantly food! It was good enough that I didn't fall asleep!

Later we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders and I got paired with Elder Miller for the day. All of the lessons we had didn't show up so we ended up tracting. As we were walking along the road we met a man named Steve. He was waiting for his brother Lewis to come get him. So we waited with him. When Lewis showed up his brother explained how Lewis is a pastor. We then said hi to Lewis and he responded with, "I have a scripture for ya'll..."

We then started preparing to bible bash.

But that didn't happen! Lewis then quoted a scripture about doing good in the world and started a 20 minute preacher rant about how much he respected the missionaries for what we do! He ended with a 10 minute motivational speech for us. It was so great. 10/10 way to end the night of tracting.

Wednesday exchanges ended and Elder Hodge and I got back to work. We met a man named Arturo, who had met with the missionaries before. He said his brain was messed up from living in a communist country in South America and he was being hunted by communist spies. Arturo is an odd man.

Thursday we had even more exchanges! Elder Hodge sent me to the Montebello West area (We are in the Montebello East area) with Elder Dillender. As you know Elder Dillender was in the MTC with me and we came out at the same time. So we were two greenies trying to missionary like we knew what to do! We had a few lessons and taught a woman about how we all chose to be here on this world and everyone is here by choice. We actually did a pretty decent job with our Spanish! The spirit really helped out with that day of missionary work.

Friday we ended exchanges and Elder Hodge and I had a meeting with the Mora family. They were baptized a month ago and they haven't come to church since. The father started with drugs, smoking, gambling, and pretty much everything that the commandments tell us not to do. We had our Ward Missionary Leader, Hermano Villalobos, there with us. Basically we had to reprimand the dad for completely pushing off his family and leaving work and not being a good father. I pulled out a scripture in Nephi about living after a manner of happiness and asked if he was happy with his life. It was pretty hardcore.

After we went to Hermano Solis's house and he gave us Chiles. √Čl dijo que los chiles fueron un pocito picante. They completely tore my mouth apart. It hurt a lot.

Saturday we helped a member move some random stuff onto a trailer. I got my finger poked by a rusty screw. Hopefully I don't get tetanus! We met a man named Miguel afterwards. Miguel is a sad little man who said he doesn't believe in anything and when we die we will just cease to exist. So we set up a return appointment for later today! I'm set on baptizing that man. He needs something in his life so he won't just be depressing 24/7.

The night ended with a temple tour with the Mora family. It was so cool. We had a really bien time and they really felt the spirit. I really really like the Las Vegas temple. It's most probably my favorite one ever.

Yesterday was Sunday!

So for sacrament meeting they had all the missionaries speak and also Villalobos. Elder Dillender and I each just had a scripture to talk about and give our testimonies. I talked about Alma 7: 14-15 and explained that it was the reason I was here on a mission and is my purpose here. Elder Hodge, Elder Martinez,and Hermano Villalobos gave actual talks. I was told afterwards by the members that maybe one day I would get there!

Elder Hodge had to give a baptismal interview later that night, so I got to teach the investigator's family about the restoration! All by myself! And it wasn't too terrible!

It was a great week! We got a ton more investigators and had the best tacos ever from this lady cooking outside her house!

Until next week!
Elder Lawson
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Also here is a video of me eating a chili! You don't get to see the full extent of me chugging bottles of water and crying, but that's okay!

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