Saturday, April 1, 2017

Week 6 (My Final Full Week at the MTC!) - April 1, 2017

Hey Guys!

So this week we did a ton of stuff! Well as much as you can do sitting in a compound 24/7, but hey we are figuring out things to do! Also as the title suggests, I leave next Wednesday morning for Las Vegas! I'm ecstatic. It's going to be so cool actually being there and teaching real people and not understanding a word that they say. Also it will be super hot, but that's okay!

Anyways Sunday we sang our goodbye song like every district does the Sunday before they leave (Ours was a Sunday earlier because General Conference is this weekend) and I totally forgot the song we sang, but part of it was in Spanish and that was the most important part. After we had our temple walk and I got a sick selfie with our Branch President (The sorta leader guy over our zone), President Jeffs. He is a lawyer, but he is a cool lawyer, so it's all cool if you talk to him and you don't have to worry about getting sued by him. At least that's the conclusion so far. More test are needed.

A few weeks ago we got our travel plans for Las Vegas and there are 8 people total in our group that are going to Las Vegas. Three of us are in the same district, so we were very curious who the other five were.

On Monday while heading back to our residence we met a few guys who are going to the Reno Nevada Mission. We told them that we are going to the Las Vegas mission. We were then quite surprised when they told us that they have five sisters in their district who are going to Las Vegas Nevada the next week! We had found the other five! Well sort of...But not really. The Elders told us that the other five had been looking for us because they wanted to meet up and see who the other people going to Las Vegas with them were. We exchanged classroom numbers and said that we would stop by later to meet them. No one was there when we stopped by after gym time. Nor were they there a few days later. We quickly lost hope.

On Tuesday we had our devotional and a member of the Seventy talked to us. He is giving a talk in General Conference on Sunday. His name is Elder Palmer, so definitely watch out for him. He gave a really good talk. I enjoyed that a lot.

On Wednesday we got a new district of five people. 3 Elders and 2 Sisters. We later introduced the Elders to the wonderful game of Pencils (or Spoons, whichever you prefer) and explained our ways of life and the monarchy system which we would like to establish in our zone with Kings, Lords, and lowly peasants. They were very disappointed to find out they they would start at the bottom as farmers and with time they might be able to work their way up to baker or even a blacksmith. We have yet to instate this new system.

Thursday we had our last class with Hermano Hunsaker. He is the mysterious teacher who started out as Michael and turned into Adriano. We have yet to find out his real identity. We got a sick picture afterwards.

Friday we had In-Field orientation. It is a last minute event to teacher all the departing missions some stuff that they should know before they leave. I have forgotten everything they said.

During the orientation Elders Gerber and West were meeting a lot of people who are going with them to Ohio next week. I quickly realized that maybe those five Sisters were in that same room with us. I announced a bit loudly to my companion, Elder Wardell, "Maybe those five Sisters that are going to Las Vegas with us are her.". Then we watched as a girl sitting in front of us turned to her companion and asked, "Did you here what that guy just said?". Five girls sitting in front of us all turned around in unison. We had found them!! We quickly introduced ourselves and started talking about the mad search that had taken place that week between all of eight of us in hopes of finding the missing half. We were then separated into rooms and decided to eat dinner together. So after orientation that is what we did. They all were super cool and it was sick getting to know other people that we will be with for the next two years. Also definitely a 10/10 story.

Later that night we had our last class as an entire district with Hermana Peacock. Also another sad class, but we did get a picture with her as well!

It was a super fun week and I'm really sad to have to say goodbye to half my district on Monday and then the rest on Tuesday and sometime Wednesday. They have all quickly become some of my best friends. It's going to suck, but they will do great in the places that they go too.

I'm really excited for this next week and all that will happen. Also my P-day will change when I arrive in Las Vegas, so my emails will most likely be on Monday. Which is great because by my next email I'll be in Sin City!!!!!!

I hope everyone is doing great!

Elder Lawson

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