Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 8 - Lamborghini's and a Crazy German Lady - April 17, 2017

Buenas tardes mis amigos,

So the week started off way good! We got five new investigators on Monday night! It was these two individuals and a family. They all seemed like solid investigators, so we made a plan to see them on Wednesday. Well Wednesday came and we went to their houses they were all at their homes...and nobody would open the door for us. So we ended up dropping those five new investigators, which blows for them because we had some cool stuff to tell them that would make their lives better.

Wednesday we had exchanges, which will happen a lot because I'm the district monkey (The district leaders companion), and I got put with Elder Gonzalez for a day. We went to a possible investigators house to talk to this guy named Oscar but ended up talking to the kid's dad, his name is Oscar as well! We said that we would come back on  Saturday to talk to Oscar and his son Oscar. Then we tracted and did our other Missionary stuff.

Thursday exchanges ended and Elder Hodge and I were tracting and met this old and crazy German lady! It was a pretty terrifying experience because she looked pretty freaky herself and she had us come into her apartment where she told us about how she regretted everything in life and wanted to kill herself because both her kids were dead and how God hated her and all her "friends" took all her stuff. She ended up saying something about ending her life at least 24 times in the 30 minutes that we were there. It started to really make me mad because at that point it's obvious she was just lonely and wanted attention or something. We kept telling her about the Plan of Happiness for us and how we make our own joy in this life. And she just didn't listen. We tried tons to help her but she just wanted to be miserable in her house, so we said we would have other missionaries come by and see her. We then left.

Friday all the new missionaries and their companions went with the mission president and his wife to the temple so that was fun! The temple here in Vegas is soooo freaking amazing. Definitely the best one I have ever been to!

Saturday we went to see an investigator who lived near the crazy German lady. So naturally we went back to see her. She was a lot happier and said she had a gift for us. We were very scared of what it could be. She then brought out a book called "Drifters Freed". Her daughter wrote's really poorly written. So for fun I read Elder Hodge passages of it while we are driving! It's just so cringe worthy.

Yesterday I met Elder Wilkins! For those of you who don't know, Elder Wilkins has tons of cousins and relatives that live in Willard and I know quite a few of them. He goes home in like 8 months so he is almost done here. He is from Clinton, MO. So that was pretty sick because I was hoping to run into him!

Also we found a centipede in our apartment last night....We used "Drifters Freed" to smash it.

Also we went to the Lamborghini dealer on Thursday! They had four there and I got a sick picture next to one. It's so good.

Everything is all good here on Eastside Vegas! They progressing investigadores are progressing and the people that don't want to hear our message are just telling us that they are catholic and to go away!

Until la próxima semana,
Elder Lawson

P.s. The pictures are of our view of The Strip from our apartment on the mountain, me flexing on some little Mexican man painting, some super cool missionary next to a Lamborghini, and Elder Wilkins and I.

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