Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 11 #2 - Transfers, Scammers, and Mother's Day

Ayee what's good!

So fun fact! Last week was actually week 10 and not week 11. Clearly public school did not teach me how to count properly, but oh well. So welcome to week 11 #2!

So Tuesday right? We are tracting and this house down the street is absolutely bumping it (playing music really loud). Of course we decide to go see what's up. I knew it was going to be insane when we walked up and a guy runs out to us and immediately gives both of us a hug and asks us if we were blazing it...

I had the wonderful opportunity to explain that as missionaries we in fact were not into smoking "that good stuff" and were there to talk about Jesus. He was very excited by this and started a 20 minute rant about being saved, smoking a blunt on the daily, the illuminati and a few other conspiracy theories. We ended up leaving after telling him we would be back on Thursday to hear more and to further be enlightened. We didn't go back.

Wednesday was even more interesting when halfway through our lesson with Guadalupe, these two 23 year-old looking guys in reflector vests came and stole her away saying that they were from the county. After realizing midway through our conversation with them that they were scammers, we then did everything to interrupt the ensuing meeting they tried to have with Guadalupe. They left after 5 minutes, but only after trying to undermine us first and talk to us like we were 6. It was nice.

Thursday we had a meeting with the mission president and all the trainers and trainees who came out of the MTC with me. It was just for some trainings and to see how we liked everything. Afterwards we got In-n-Out, so I was pretty excited about that.

Friday was normal missionary work.

But Saturday! We found out about transfers for tomorrow! Elder Hodge is going out-of-valley to Kingman, AZ. to his first English ward and I am staying in Montebello East and getting Elder Diaz as my companion. He is from Mexico, so I'm hoping to hardcore improve the Spanish this transfer.

Later we had a drunk guy angrily yell at Elder Hodge, "I AM JESUS CHRIST!". That was pretty lit. Also his friend had just gotten out of 10 years of prison for killing someone, so that was nice.

Later we had a ward fiesta and one of our investigators came with us!

And yesterday was Mother's Day! Which means I got to talk to my family! That was probably one of the best hours of my life because my family is pretty freaking cool, so it's pretty great to meet with them for a bit. Especially after not seeing them. Also I saw my dog! She is pretty cool as well.

Also I learned that my high school graduation was on Saturday night! I am officially a high school graduate! I'll get a picture of me holding my diploma for everyone in about 21 months, so definitely be listo for that😉

Until la proxima semana!
Elder Lawson

P.s. The pictures are of Elder Hodge and I eating our corn and Mexican snow cone from the Elote guys on the streets and then a picture from the meeting on Thursday

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