Saturday, March 4, 2017

Week 2 - March 4, 2017

So the story starts like this

It's Friday morning. 2:30 AM. Everyone in my district are all sound asleep in our rooms (Four people to a room). When suddenly! Everyone is jolted awake by the white noise of 12 billion vacuum cleaners igniting to life! And then everyone flipped out because why are there vacuums in our rooms? Why are they on? How did they even get put there when we all have locks on our bedroom doors? Well it starts like this...

During our daily gym time, we are required to put our name tags and keys and things in these little slots so that they don't get lost. It turns out that while everyone was away working out a few of the missionaries from our zone (Our zone is made up of three districts and we do everything with either our zone or district (sixteen total people in our zone)) were going through our stuff and taking a key for each of the two rooms that we share. Coincidentally a few people complained about having lost their key to the room later that day. Fast forward until 2:25 AM and the other districts were up using the keys they took to place vacuums in each of our rooms and out in the hallways. Finally with a well timed plugging in of all the vacuums our entire district was awoken to vacuums "vrooming" very loudly in a small area.

I did not fall back asleep for about an hour

Other than that this week has consisted of waking up at 6:30 in the morning and sitting in hours of Spanish classes, gospesl doctrine classes(in Spanish), and más studying. Of course with our regularly timed weight lifting sessions and eating a lot of food.

Our district has a great time discussing church topics and non-church topics such as The Office, Spongebob Squarepants, Nacho Libre, and other miscellaneous things to keep us from focusing on studying! We get along swimmingly though!

Anyways within the first week my Spanish is pretty much on par with how it was at the end of my 2 school years of Spanish class. And I have learned a lot more about scriptual and gospel things that come from studying that stuff all day.

The MTC life has been lots of studying, pranks, quotes from movies and TV shows, and teaching fake investigators.

Until next week!
Elder Lawson

P.s. sorry if it takes me a while to respond to any emails that you have sent me. My typing skills are a bit subpar and we don't have too much time on the computers here.

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