Saturday, March 18, 2017

Week 4 - March 18, 2017


So this week was just like every other week so far. I woke up at promptly 6:30 AM and went on my merry way to my classes and then to eat and then back to class and more class and more class and Spanish and Spanish and más Español. But at 2:30 we have gym time! That is probably my favorite part of the day. We get to play Volleyball and not to be prideful or anything...But I´m pretty much a pro when it comes to spiking the ball and such😉

We taught our investigator, Gabby, again yesterday with another church member. This member was this little old lady, Sister Willie, who is like the most adorable old lady ever. She has been on 8 missions and her husband was the president of the Mexico City MTC for three years. Sadly he passed away six years ago. We talked to Gabby about temples and the point of temples and the things we do in them. Sister Willie was such a huge help explaining to Gabby the things that we did´nt know how to say in Spanish.

This past week one of our districts in our zone left and this upcoming week another district is leaving. When I first arrived our zone had 45 people in it. After Monday morning we will have 14. And it is rumored that we will not have a new district arrive this week. Not that I don´t mind not having to constantly wait for a shower each morning, but a small zone is just muy abburido (very boring).

Next Wednesday will make it 2 weeks until I arrive in the mission field. The ¨field¨ is my actual mission of Nevada Las Vegas. I´m super excited for that!

Anyways, this week wasn´t filled with too many shareable stories, but we did get some sick pictures this morning in front of the BYU Y and the MTC. Also some ducks. And then I got my haircut. And now I´m practically bald. Es no bueno, perro! It should grow back soon!

Until next week!
Elder Lawson

P.s. Here is another picture of my District from a few weeks ago 
(in order of left to right, Elders West, Gerber, Dillender, Pyle, Wardell, Baird, Me, and Fine)

Here is what I did Tuesday Night​

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