Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Week 40 - The Worst Transfer Ever (Also The Best!)

Hola Mis Amigos,

So first off, let's just insert the "Haven't written email, very sorry" paragraph right here.

And on to the more important things!

So this transfer was literally the worst transfer I have ever been through and that's not because we were biking! The first week of the transfer was us dying from riding around the entire stake each day and trying to learn how to not get hit by cars and also me being sick. The second week my bike broke and we then walked around the entire stake for a week and saw a few guns pulled out when we were nearby. The third week I got super sick and Elder Manrique's bike broke and he then ripped two pairs of pants in one day. The fourth week Elder Manrique was sick and dying and I almost got hit by a car daily. Except for the time that the car actually did hit me! The fifth week we got sick again and Elder Manrique absolutely wrecked his knee when he crashed for the fourth time that week. The sixth and final week we only encounted two creepy guys that made us want to run.

And that doesn't even begin to include all the other accidents and things that happened to us.

But I have never had so much fun in a transfer though.

This past transfer was absolutely insane, but we laughed way harder than ever at everything that happened. We have never been closer to the members or our investigators here. It was so lit.

We also had Elder Clark of the Seventy come and see us and the great part is that one suit (My favorite onešŸ˜”) got mixed up in a dry cleaning accident and sent to the Strip. I think it is at the Bellagio? Maybe Ceasers Palace? And my other suit pants were still being cleaned. So we went to the meeting in sweaters! It was great because everyone else had their suits on except for Elder Manrique and I. Manrique wore a sweater in support of his companion (me), so talk about companion unity right there. Our President was very impressed by that. Hopefully the Seventy was too.

Our fourth week we also painted a members house for two days and got the most service hours in the mission.

But the members were so amazing to us this transfer! They helped out so much when we were sick and had broken our bikes, or in the case of Manrique, wrecked his knee. They gave us a ton of medicine and help and love and now we have our Cuatro Madres of the ParaĆ­so ward.

It was an amazing transfer here in ParaĆ­so, but sadly we recieved transfer calls last night...

So they are shutting down ParaĆ­so 1 and Elder Manrique and I are being double transferred tomorrow. He will go to the Montebello ward where I was and I'll be going to Anthem to an English ward...

I'm very very sad about that because I absolutely love Latino wards. So no more Spanish food every night or even speaking Spanish at all.

But I am going to Anthem with one of my best friends from the mission Elder Rivero! He has been in ParaĆ­so as long as I have and we are now going to be comps! We were so surprised when they told us that!

So yeah it's been a good run here in ParaĆ­so and Spanish altogether, but now it is time to go baptize some white people!

Until Next Time!
Elder Lawson

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