Monday, September 4, 2017

Week 27 - A Miracle, A Stripper, and Chapel Issues


So it's been a moment since I have given an update on the condition of Las Vegas, but as of the time of writing this Vegas is still very hot, dusty, and of course sinful as always!

The most eventful stuff that has been going on recently deals a lot with the church buildings. The buildings are wonderful spots for high schoolers to hang out by and smoke weed or for home-less people to set up a camp site for a few days. The only issues with those are that sometimes a door might be left unlocked or someone might find a lost key to the building and use it to get inside. That is why we had a problem with the chapel part of the building smelling like weed for a few months and also finding teenagers making out in one of the side rooms. The part with the homeless people is the fact that they leave all of their trash around the outsides of the buildings. We tend to find lots of pillows and blankets and the occasional pornographic magazine littered about the sidewalks and flower beds.

Now I'm not saying that Playboy magazines and marijuana do not invite a nice environment filled with the idea of families and other gospel related things, but at the same time I'm not saying that they do invite those things either.

So because of this we have been making regular checks to our building to make sure the doors are all locked and that no one has figured out a way to sneak in and trash the place. We have also gotten key-card scanners installed on the doors so that no one can get in without one.

This past Thursday we were tracting in a neighborhood and we met a girl who was sitting in her garage about to smoke a blunt. It turned out that her name was Angel and that she was a dancer at "Cheetahs". Well we ended up talking to her about the church and she said that she wanted to go. Hence we got a new investigator who is a stripper! And then referred her to the YSA ward.

Also miracle time.

So Saturday we only had four new investigators and our goal was to have nine. So Sunday never is too good of a day for finding because we have church until super late and then dinner and we end up with three hours to proselyte. So everything was kinda depending on Saturday. Well after tracting for a long time and having no success, we decided to go to an investigators house to see if they were home. Sadly they were at work, BUT! Her three kids that we didn't know about were at home and let us in to teach them! Then later we found two other people and we ended up reaching our goal for nine news!

So yeah that was pretty much the week I had.

Until Next Week,
Elder Lawson

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